A-4614 Chipmunk HDMI Tester

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This is a simple but extremely useful tool to test any computer, laptop or consolewith an HDMIoutput. It has7 lights showing power and activity.

The Power LED(red) is connected straight to the 5v line and will light up whenever power is present.

The EDID LED(blue) will light up once the (emulated) EDIDROMis read by the computer. This will be a good sign that the CPUor GPUis running.

The5volt LED(red)will light up if the 5vvoltage iscorrect. If the voltage is above 5.4 v it will blink.
Below 4.5 v it will be off.

The D0/D1/D2/CL LEDs(green) show if there is commu- nication on the differential-pair data channelsand clock.

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