A-4621 Chipmunk eUSBTester

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Testerfor eUSB(2.0mmpitch, DOM,9pin small) ports.
It can quickly show if the computer is working, and it offers a versatile connection to the GNDline of the computer.

The Power LED(red) is connected straight to the 5v line and will light up whenever power is present.

The USBLED(green) will blink whenever there is activity on the USBbus. As the USBbus on a computer is driven by
the PCH,this will indicate that at least the PCHand
probably also the CPUis running.

The 5volt LED(red) will only light up if the USBvoltage is correct. Below 4.75 v it will be off. Above 5.25 v it will blink.

Forinstructions: www.cmizapper.com/install/A4551.html

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