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Smart Wine Tasting

The wine scanner MyOeno defines the style of the wine you are savouring, memorizes your preferences and makes appropriate suggestions.

This Made-in-France innovation combines the first-ever oenological scanner with the market’s most comprehensive wine app… the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine, state-of-the-artness and accurate, clear info about what’s inside the glass!

A world first… MyOenoScan assesses four parameters used to objectively define wine style: strength, tannin content, vivacity and evolution. Each of these characteristics is calculated on a score of 100. Once the wine’s been scanned, the user informs the app if they like this wine by giving it a score from 1 to 10. Over time, as the user scans more wines, the MyOeno app crosschecks the 4 parameters with the user’s tastes and proposes wines which match tastes more precisely.

The user can also look for wines: of other styles, by asking the app for lighter or fuller-bodies wines, etc. or by region, appellation, vintage and now even by retailer.

MyOeno V2 app: the market’s most comprehensive

The quest for wine is no longer just based on other tasters’ impressions, but on your own, unique tastes!

Scanning the label of a bottle on a store shelf, the user can find out how closely the wine matches their personal tastes! As well as being the only solution available which lets you purchase based on tastes, MyOeno V2 is also community-centric, includes cellar management, allows you to purchase wine, find wine by retailer or brand, and provides data on wine composition (polyphenols, pesticides or sulfites - data available for wines tested by In Vino & Veritas)! To offer all this, the startup has created partnerships with Twil, Le Bon Gustave and In Vino & Veritas.

90% of wines available in big-box stores and SMKTs will be listed in the MyOeno library.


Smart Wine Tasting

The wine scanner MyOeno defines the style of the wine you are savouring, memorizes your preferences and makes appropriate suggestions.

This product should be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth via the MyOeno App available for free on AppStore and PlayStore. Delivered in its case with a cleaning tool and a USB cable to ensure the recharging.


  1. Using your smartphone, donwload and launch the MYOENO application.
  2. After creating your user account, click the “TASTE” icon represented by a glass at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the wine glass icon at the bottom right of the screen to start a tasting. 
  4. Press the button on the top of the product. A light will flash in the slot at the bottom of the product.
  5. Follow the step by step instructions of Charles, the virtual sommelier.
  6. Special cases:
    - If your phone asks for a Bluetooth® code, enter: 123456.
    - If during your tasting the Chatbot restarts unexpectedly, please check the quality of your internet connection.
  7. To turn off your device, press the push button.

If the MyOeno Scan starts flashing red, it needs to be recharged using the USB cable provided. As it recharges, MyOeno Scan flashes green. When the charge is complete, the light is solid green.


We recommend that you clean your MyOeno Scan after every use by immersing it in a glass of water. Do not clean your MyOeno Scan with abrasive material or solvents. Before turning on the MyOeno Scan, make sure that the slot (measuring area) is clean and dry using the microfiber cloth provided. This ensures proper calibration, and reliable and reproducible measurements.

Measured indices
  • STRENGTH: Mix between the alcoholic strength and the body of the wine
  • TANNINS: Sensation of astringency
  • ACIDITY: Sensation of acidity. 
  • EVOLUTION: Information about the youth of the wine. The higher the value, the more the wine has evolved (aged).

These parameters are shown on a 100-point scale. 

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