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3-Receiver-1-Transmitter 2.4G Wireless Dongles Set. Connect Multiple headphones or Speakers to One audio source. Independent Volume Control, No audio lag


Details -
• Technology: 2.4GHz
• Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
• Latency: 30ms
• Music Play Time: 4hrs for TX, 7hrs for RX
• Charging Time: 1.5hrs
• Battery: 450mAH lithium battery
• Operating Range: Up to 100ft / 30m


What's in the box

Transmitter X 1
Receiver X 3
USB A to Type C Charging Cable X 1 (1.5M/5FT)
3 in 1 USB A to Type C Charging Cable X 1 (60CM/2FT)
Optical Audio Cable X 1 (1.5M/5FT)
AUX 3.5mm Audio Cable X 1 (1.5M/5FT)
AUX 3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable X 1 (35CM/1FT)
AUX 3.5mm audio cable for receivers X 3 (60CM/2FT)
Attachment Clip X 3

The Avantree Audiplex 2403s is a 1-Transmitter-and-3 Receiver Stereo Channel wireless kit designed to connect multiple headphones to the same audio source simultaneously, with no lip-sync delay.
Each receiver allows the wearer to personalize the connected headphone’s volume, and the Audiplex 2403s is scalable, so you can add more receivers to fit your needs.

Add even more receivers

Extended range

No more delay

Multi format audio support

Uncompressed audio quality

Easy to use

Multiple Headphones to One Source

With the Audiplex 2403s, you and your family can enjoy an outdoor movie party or a silent concert without disturbing the neighbors; the 2403s wireless kit allows you to have multiple headphones connected to one audio source, and even though it comes with three receivers already, it is scalable. You can add up to 100 receivers to the same transmitter.

Yup, it’ll Work with your Device

The transmitter dongle of the 2403s can transmit audio from any audio device that can output audio through an AUX or Optical jack – TV, Projector, Stereo Receiver (via 6.35mm adapter), Blu-ray Player and even some electric musical instruments. The receiver dongles can be used with any audio “receiving” device that supports AUX or Optical, for instance, headphone or speaker.

Personalized Volume Control

We all hear differently, and the volume level that works for one person does not always work for another. The Avantree 2403s Wireless Audio System solves this issue by allowing each receiver dongle to adjust the connected headphone/speaker’s volume independently, letting the wearer personalize their volume level.

Perfectly Synchronized Visual & Audio

The Audiplex wireless kit uses 2.4Ghz technology (NOT Bluetooth) for broadcasting audio; it reduces the audio lag down to ~ 7ms, significantly less than the 220ms of Standard Bluetooth and the 40ms of aptX Low Latency. You will experience NO lip-sync delay no matter how many receivers you connect, making it your go-to choice for watching movies with family & friends.

More Stable, more Reliable

The 2.4Ghz wireless technology in the Avantree Audiplex set provides stable & reliable connection of up to 100 ft/30 m indoors (tested with 20 receiver dongles) and up to 300 ft/100m outdoors. Feel free to move around, the connection will remain, and you won’t miss a thing. However, please note that physical obstacles may negatively affect the actual range.

Charge them On-the-Go

All dongles in the Audiplex 2403s wireless audio set use rechargeable batteries, each lasts up to 7 hours when fully charged. So, if you are hosting an all-day event and need more than 7 hours of battery life, the dongles can be used while they charge. Simply connect the dongles to a wall plug or portable charger (not included), and you have all the battery life you could ever need.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Each dongle in the 2403s set comes with a removable clip that can be used to “clip” the dongle onto your shirt or belt, so that you won’t drop them easily when you move. They also feature intuitive user-interface with easily accessible buttons for pairing, volume control, as well as status indicators that are easy to use & understand.


Avantree products are designed to work seamlessly together. Because the Duet, Quartet 5049, and Audiplex 2403s kits use the same underlying technology, you can use the headphones from each interchangeably. For example, the headphones from the Duet kit can be used to listen and watch with the transmitters from the Quartet 5049 or Audiplex 2403s kits. Similarly, the headphones from the Quartet 5049 and Audiplex 2403s kits can be used with either of the other two transmitters. At Avantree, we pride ourselves on a multi-connection ecosystem so your investment goes further.

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